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Unseen Recordings is a web channel for experimental music. Every recording is unique, unfiltered, live and done in one take. The music here is boundary pushing and genre challenging, it is adventurous to the bone. Unseen Recordings will present 70 new recordings each year with Danish and international artists.

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Søren Rye, Kristoffer Juel Poulsen and Jonas Bang


Line Gry Hørup


Brille Bjarke



Arto Lindsay & Paal Nilssen-Love


“If improvisation is any good, it involves failure” – Arto Lindsay. Together with The Lake we met him and Norwegian freejazz drummer Paal Nilssen-Love during this years Roskilde Festival.



Remember our session with Jørgen Leth & Reverse? We also had the pleasure of recording a session with Reverse performing on their own.

King Ayisoba


At this years Roskilde Festival we did a very special session with King Ayisoba from Ghana. Based around his kologo, a two-stringed traditional West African instrument, King Ayisoba and his band deliver intense rhythmic spiritual music. We did this session with together with our friends from The Lake.

Léonore Boulanger


By mixing cabaret traditions and surrealistic ballads with odd sound objects and traditional folk instruments Léonore Boulanger and her band excel in music that feels as old as time and modern all at once.


Jupiter & Okwess International


Political lyrics through the lens of afrofunk served by Jupiter Bokondji and his band Okwess International. Their mix of traditional Congolese rhythms, pop, funk and jangling guitars have deservedly carried their fame far beyond the borders of the troubled Democratic Republic of Congo.



“That’s the thing about jazz, it’s a blank canvas” says Ivo Neame of Phronesis, and what the highly energetic band does is fill out their canvas with a blend of seriously groovy drumming, spiralling piano and melodic bass lines.


Dreamers’ Circus & friends


A very special type of folk music originates from the small island Fanø on Denmark’s west coast. This music manifests a state of trance by moving in circles, just like the dancers in the video, and it is a huge inspiration to Danish folk music trio Dreamers’ Circus who have taken it on and given it their own twist and touch.



Instrumental Japanese math, post, art rock band Lite don’t care about genres, they do what they’re best at: Incredibly tight-knitted guitars and complex structures.

Jørgen Leth & Reverse


Danish filmmaker, poet, writer, journalist and commentator Jørgen Leth has always had an exceptional way with words and a significant style. He once again shows this in his partnership with Danish jazz trio Reverse.



Originally we had arranged with Goodiepal to record a live session with him, but it turned out somewhat different than we and probably also Goodiepal had expected: A rare mini portrait of Goodiepal.

Hailu Mergia


Hailu Mergia offers a direct passage to traditional Ethiopian music with his accordion on this track from his legendary 1985 album “Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instruments”.


Marius Neset


With a spectacular drive and power Marius Neset and his septet venture into dynamic melodies and knotty structures.

Zeena Parkins, August Rosenbaum & Lars Greve


Three musicians who each in their own way experiment with music come together in this recording and create fragile and crackling figures of sound. It is the sound of a subtle collision of details delicately lured out of their respective instruments – the harpe, clarinet and harmonium.

Ed Askew


Long lost 60’s acid folk gem Ed Askew has finally resurfaced with his piercingly beautiful voice and his lyrical universe of small peculiar stories and reflexions on art, music and time.

Lonnie Holley


Lonnie Holley is an improvisor in all the arts that he practices. Holley’s music is a product of his on the spot-improvisations and a continual creative process working with stream-of-consciousness vocals and he would never obey to conventional rhythm structures.

Bill Orcutt


Bill Orcutt approaches his instrument, the guitar, in a unique manner. First of all, his six string guitar only has four strings which allows him to create his trademark sound. It is the sound of blues, but blues being deconstructed through Orcutt’s intense playing style with powerful tempo changes.

Julia Holter


Julia Holter knows the difficult art of writing melodic, catchy songs that will keep challenging you even after several hours of listening. She creates her avant-garde pop of elements from indie, jazz and modern composition and she knows how to navigate in and out of each genre with her four-piece band.

Fire! Orchestra


Nothing less than 28 Swedish musicians conquer the stage when Fire! Orchestra takes the big band concept to another level. Free jazz flagship Mats Gustafsson guides his orchestra through soul music, krautrock, improvisation, avant-garde rock and of course all aspects of jazz.

Black Pus


A recording of a one man army equipped with a drum kit, effect pedal and his voice. Black Pus aka. Brian Chippendale (also known from Lightning Bolt) is experimental not only in sound but in execution too.

Dylan Carlson


Dylan Carlson is a bonafide minimalist with an outlook to country rock, English folklore ballads and the heavier aspects of guitar music.

Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman


Former Can drummer and krautrock legend Jaki Liebezeit joins forces with Burnt Friedman playing music consisting mostly of rhythmical pulse and organic electronic matter.

Carsten Dahl


Carsten Dahl is a self-taught Danish pianist with a never-ending interest in exploring what the piano has to offer. Dahl practices the harmonic complexities along with the the simple aspects of jazz in his improvisations.



Free jazz in a free fall with two drummers and a lot of effect pedals. This is Danish outfit Selvhenter. In an exploration of drony compositions and powerful, meditative beats, Selvhenter produces a sound that takes jazz and noise to uncharted territory.

Jordan Hunt


Violinist, pianist, composer and singer are labels to be put on Jordan Hunt,  and with a base in subtle pop songs, Hunt reveals his classical composer roots along with eminent songwriting skills.

Baby Dee & Little Annie


Baby Dee & Little Annie’s songs are a beautiful meeting between two remarkable figures resulting in a mixture of neofolk, avant-garde and cabaret.  This song is called “Angels Gone Before”.

Baby Dee & Little Annie


Baby Dee & Little Annie’s songs are a beautiful meeting between two remarkable figures resulting in a mixture of neofolk, avant-garde and cabaret. This track is called “State of Grace”.

Musik for Seks Elektriske Guitarer feat. Muneomi Senju


Six guitarists and the ex-drummer of Boredoms, Muneomi Senju, builds a composition of improvised minimalistic rhythmical figures.

Jenny Hval


Sexually and politically charged lyrics and an extraordinary voice set the stage for Jenny Hval’s art-pop experiments.